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About Us

Your Best Years Are Yet To Come!

​At Allure Health & Med Spa we recognize that aging is a natural, inevitable process but accepting the diminished physical health and self-confidence often associated with  “normal” aging is a thing of the past!

Each patient works with our care team to establish a customized plan that focuses on her specific needs, including:​

  •     Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapies (BHRT)
  •     Routine preventative, well woman screenings
  •     Acute women's care
  •     Aesthetic treatments: Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Kybella
  •     Laser Treatments including Hair Reduction, IPL Facials, Vein Therapies
  •     Regenerative therapies such as Platelet Rich Plasma treatments and more!

Allure Health empowers women to manage their health, life, relationships -- and ultimately -- quality of life. 

Mission & Values

It is the mission of Allure Health & Med Spa to set the new standard in holistic healthcare for women. We will use an integrative care delivery model and advanced techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Our guiding values of compassion, excellence, and integrity will distinguish Allure Health & Med Spa as the highest quality provider of women’s care in Omaha.
We value compassion, treating our patients and staff with empathy, kindness, and sincerity.  We aim to create an environment in which patients and staff feel safe, comfortable and well cared for. 
We value excellence and strive to provide the highest quality medical care and customer service to each patient who enters our practice. We are dedicated to continuously improving our overall performance and preventing health disparities through affordable health maintenance and screening services.

Holistic healthcare will be provided through open, honest, compassionate communication setting the foundation for a patient-provider relationship that is vital in guiding our everyday decisions. We will embrace both naturopathic and traditional medical treatments to formulate safe and efficacious treatment plans.


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Hilary Muhle

Leanne Bata
MHA, Practice Manager