Weekend Anchor MMJ

We are looking for a talented, energetic and personable Broadcast Journalist. We report news on every platform available to our viewers. Successful candidates will have a demonstrated ability to co-anchor afternoon and evening newscast, report, post web stories/pictures/video from both the field and television station. Duties of this job include anchoring, live reporting, creative writing, producing and posting of news stories, both hard news and features. Must have good writing skills and must be able to work well under strict deadline pressure.

Candidates should have at least two years’ experience as a newscast anchor for a broadcast news station or news website. Looking for a candidate with strong on-air delivery of news. Must be able to prepare material for delivery of newscasts and develop reporting stories.

The successful applicant’s background must include, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism or a related field. He/she must be a self-starter, with knowledge of and ability to operate state-of-the-art television news equipment as well as website publishing. Ability to work under intense studio lighting and to work at a computer for long periods of time. Ability to operate under deadline pressure and deliver news content in a clear and professional manner.
Applicant MUST provide a resume internet link (preferred) or DVD representative of his/her work. DVD’s will not be returned.