Westside Upsets #2 Creighton Prep 59-55

Westside upset second-ranked Creighton Prep 59-55 on Tuesday night. Chase Thompson led the Warriors with 18 points and 12 rebounds, while Jadin Booth added 17 points. Thomas Faber led the Junior Jays with 18 points. Westside raised its record to 9-4 on the season. Prep dropped to 12-2.

Westside Coach Jim Simons said: "You know they have been the last couple of years the standard of high school basketball in Nebraska, they have lost two games in two years, won the State Championship last year, we have been close but we have not been able to get over the hump this year against a good team and that to us is the biggest thing, that we have proven to ourselves, that we can beat a good team in a tough grind it out game."

Westside senior Chase Thompson said: "It means everything we have not beat them in four years and they are the number two team in the state, they have a lot of really good players I like to take a challenge against them, plus I mean it's a character building win."