Voice of the College World Series: Bill Jensen

Published: Jun. 25, 2019 at 7:46 PM CDT
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Bill Jensen is the voice of the College World Series. Since 2001 Jensen has been the public address announcer for Omaha's June spectacle.

Jensen remembers his first day behind the microphone, when the President of the United States visited Rosenblatt Stadium.

Jensen said: "I started in 2001 my very first game was when President Bush threw out the ceremonial first pitch to start the 2001 College World Series great way to start my career with the President coming to Omaha and me having to put up with security and everything but it was a lot of fun."

Jensen is only the second person to be the p-a announcer for the series since 1963. He succeeded the legendary Jack Payne, who was the voice of the series for 37 years.

Jensen said: "Things have changed since Jack left, Jack when he started doing this it was a very small tournament kind of like a country fair when Jack left was when the NCAA and College World Series Inc. started incorporating videos on the big screen and other events and that and became a much more formal event."

Athe age of 72, Bill still enjoys his days behind the microphone and the competition for a national championship on the diamond.

Jensen said: "You get these 216 kids who come every year with the hope of leaving Omaha as the Champions and it is just so fun to watch them play to see the excitement along with that you see the heartbreak but it is still a great event so much fun watching these kids compete on a national level."

Jensen was a longtime radio newscaster in Omaha at WOW and KFAB until he retired in 2012.