Scott Frost's "Nebraska Drill" in Husker Fall Camp

Day 11 of Nebraska's Fall Camp featured the"Nebraska Drill". This is a drill, where there are two blockers, two defenders, and a ball carrier. Hall of Fame Coach Bud Wilkinson made the drill famous in the 1950's and called it the "Oklahoma Drill', but Scott Frost has branded it the "Nebraska Drill'.

Huskers Football Head Coach Scott Frost talks to media following the team's seventh practice of fall camp on Friday, Aug. 9, 2019. (WOWT)

Maurice Washington went untouched, when he went through the drill. J.D. Spielman and Dedrick Mills also had success going all the way in the drill.

Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters was pleased with the drill: "For the first time it was a good drill all we want to see is competitiveness we want to see guys get after each other competing and you saw that I am watching the receivers and db's they are bringing it making us better so it was a good competitive drill to start the practice we put it at the front it starts the tempo and gets guys ready to go and did not seem like guys were sluggish out there that is a good sign."