Lincoln Stars' zamboni driver tries goalkeeping

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Lincoln Stars are giving their zamboni driver a chance to defend the net.

Tanner Baker has been with the Lincoln Stars for 17 years. The team finally gave him a chance at goalie.

It comes after David Ayers was in the stands last weekend, and then got called into the game.
The NHL has a rule that each team can only have two goalies on the roster, so if both get hurt there must be a back-up that's available for either team.
Ayers got the win, and now is in the NHL history books.

Tanner Baker has been with the stars for 17 years.
He's never had the chance to take a couple shots until he saw David Ayers win the game for the Hurricane's as a reserve goalie.

At 36 years old the zamboni driver found himself gearing up and on the ice for the Stars.
He says it was a little bit of a slow start but got the hang of it after a few shots.
The USHL has a rule that they would have to pull up a local player if a team is short a goalie.
That way, Baker, isn't ever expected to help the team but giving it a try sure was fun.

“Never taking a shot before I didn't know if it would hurt, you see all those pads but you never know what to expect. After a few shots I got a little more comfortable, then we just had fun with it, but i was scared to death at first," said Ayers.

Baker took shots from Stars forwards Christian Sarlo and Zach Urdahl. He was only out on the ice for about 20 minutes.
He says he had to make sure his rink manager duties got done.

The Stars posted Baker's attempt at goalie on twitter and it already has more than 11 thousand views.

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