"Spirit of Nebraska" Book on Husker Game Day

There is nothing like Game Day in Memorial Stadium for Big Red Fans. Debra Kleve White lived it for three years as a Nebraska cheerleader in the late 1970's.
After organizing a 100-year Yell Squad reunion, White embarked on a 15-year journey to write a book called the "The Spirit of Nebraska" and take an in-depth look at the Husker traditions of Game Day.

White said: "I think Husker fans will find it fun and fascinating and it's a book for anyone, who loves Huskers."

White was leading cheers, when Tom Osborne was still on the sidelines. The Hall of Fame Coach wrote the foreword for her book.

White said: "Something interesting he writes about is, that when he was the football coach, all he focused on was football, but when he stepped into the role of athletic director, he had to take look at all parts of game day and the fan experience and that is exactly what this book is about."

Last month the Nebraska Athletic Department reinstated basic stunting and tumbling for the Husker Spirit squad next season, which White says will enhance the Game Day experience.

White said: "I am so excited about that and I know a lot of people are very happy because that brings back the males on the squad and brings back tradition, which I am all about tradition."