Rasmussen nears finish on NCAA committee

Published: Feb. 11, 2018 at 10:18 PM CST
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The recipe for the NCAA men's basketball field requires comparing teams.

Bruce Rasmussen's main ingredient leaves no dry eyes.

"Peeling the onion analogy probably works because when we peel the onion it brings us to tears. Trying to put the teams in order, one through 68 is extremely stressful," Rasmussen said.

We'll know the bracket in a month. Creighton's athletic director, Rasmussen is the selection committee's chairman. He's watched at least four games a day for months now.

"If I watch a game live, I can watch another game during the media timeouts and half time. You watch them with a little different eye now."

The former coach knows what he's looking for in February. He and the committee just released the top 16 seeds as if the season were over a month early.

"I'm for the transparency, but you understand that between February 11th and Selection Sunday, there are over 1,300 games played. I hope people understand that it is really temporary," Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen is wrapping up his time on the committee after five and a half years. He says he started clueless and will finish with respect for the process and his peers on the committee.

"When you're intensely focused and you make a commitment and it's a small group, you have a relationship with those people. It's been a tremendous experience for me," he said.