One-on-One with Nebraska's Mohamed Barry

Mohamed Barry, Nebraska Football

Mohamed Barry is a co-captain on the Nebraska football team. The Husker linebacker is ready for his senior year.
Sports Director Ross Jernstrom went one-on-one with Barry about his unique road to Lincoln. Barry spent his childhood in West Africa.

Ross Jernstrom: “Hi I'm here in Lincoln with Nebraska linebacker Mohamed Barry. The leading tackler in the Big Ten Conference returning this year and Mo welcome back to Nebraska for you senior season what does this mean?”

Mo Barry: "It means every you know it’s time to prove anyone that Nebraska is back and to lead this defense come the second season with Coach Frost is a blessing so I am ready."

Ross: “ You know I don't think a lot of people know about your background. You were born in Georgia, but you were raised as a young child in West Africa--in Guinea, tell us about that?”

Mo: "Yeah I was born in Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, but before I was two, I went to Guinea, Conakry in West Africa. I lived with grandma, my mom wanted me to learn my religion, my culture, my family, my relatives, my language all that stuff, and that is why I went there. I came back for Kindergarten here and I had to go to ESLO classes, which is like English as a second language classes and it was hard."

Ross: “How did you grow up to play football as a young kid?”

Mo: "My mom did not really like the game of football, she just heard about all the head injuries, people getting knocked out and things like that, and you know she wanted to play baseball, I did not like baseball, she wanted me to play soccer, I did not like soccer, she really wanted me to play basketball. But there was something about football, every time it was on tv, I was locked in. Football really allowed me to learn the culture better, American culture, made me communicate better with people."

Ross: “Well you graduated with an Ethnic studies major, tell me how that helped you and your background and your major here at the University of Nebraska?”

Mo: "I came here you know there are a lot of majors you could pick, business people go with, I wanted a major that would me a smarter human being. I wanted to learn and understand society and live in it. So I just wanted to understand the world. I think it has made me grow so much from freshman year, I don't even know I recognize myself from freshman year. The way I talk or anything the way I talk, how I communicate with important people or the confidence I have in my communication. I think that major has done great for me, and I am thankful for it and for this university."

Ross: “One week from today is the season opener against South Alabama, as you look at this season, how do you feel about your team?”

Mo: "Oh I feel great man, I am so happy to be with this group of guys you can teel we have a common goal and leading is so much easier when people know what the goal is, so they know what you are telling them is getting them closer to that goal.”

Ross: “Well Mo congratulations on your career here at Nebraska and have a great senior year.”

Mo: “I appreciate it. Go Big Red!”