Big Ten Media Days: Nebraska's Mohamed Barry one-on-one

Hi I'm Ross Jernstrom at the Big Ten Football Media Days in Chicago, with me is the leading returning tackler in the Big Ten Conference Mohamed Barry. Mo how does that sound?

Barry said: "It sounds great you know what Coach Ruud has taught me last year, I would not have exploded on the scene last year like I did, so I am thankful."

Ross said:"This is your senior year at Nebraska what does it mean?"

Barry said:"It means its time to lead this program better than I came into it. Its time to turn the tide, its time to achieve something I have been wishing to do since I came here, putting it into a national power, teaching these young guys what it takes to continue that success, giving my all for my teammates, for these coaches, for these fans, every time I step on that field, that is what matters."

Ross said: "Okay Mo..Chicago is famous for their food. Deep dish pizza or a stuffed Chicago style hot dog.What is your favorite?

Barry said:" I'm a pizza guy, I am going with deep dish pizza."

Ross said:"Okay Mo thanks a lot for joining us, good luck this season."

Barry said: "Thanks for having me, GBR!"

Ross said: "That's Mohamed Barry, senior linebacker for the Huskers. I'm Ross Jernstrom at the Big Ten Football Media Days in Chicago."