One on One with College Football Hall of Famer: Eric Crouch

Published: Mar. 18, 2020 at 11:14 PM CDT
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Heisman Trophy Winner Eric Crouch has been elected to the College Football Hall of Fame Class of 2020. WOWT6 Sports Director Ross Jernstrom went one-on-one with the former Husker quarterback at Millard North High School, where he started his amazing football career.

Last week Crouch was on vacation, when he learned that among 19 individuals elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Crouch said: "I was caught off guard a little bit I got the phone call from Coach Osborne, Scott Frost and Matt Davison on face time on video and so I was out of the country in Jamaica enjoying some vacation time I was caught off guard I thought they were pulling my leg a little bit so."

2001 was a magical season for Crouch. The 95-yard touchdown run against Missouri vaulted him to the front of the Heisman race.

Crouch said: "I had someone coming in at me, who grabbed my shoulder pad tried taking me down in the end zone, fortunately I was able to shake a tackler and at that point it was like just be athletic and react."

But Crouch's signature play came one month later at Memorial Stadium. The 3rd-ranked Huskers faced the defending national champion 2nd-ranked Oklahoma. In the 4th quarter, Nebraska Head Coach Frank Solich called a trick play. The name of the play was "Black 41 Flash Reverse Pass".

Crouch said: "In the back of my mind I thought Coach Solich was crazy because we took it out of the playbook and it did not work at all during the week of practice so I am glad it just worked out for everybody I think that was our biggest win Oklahoma was 20 wins in a row number one it was a very good win for us."

After Nebraska beat Oklahoma 20-10, Crouch led the Huskers to two more victories, before the Huskers were upset by Colorado the day after Thanksgiving. Crouch went to the Heisman Trophy ceremony wondering if his name would be called on Saturday night.

Crouch said: "I thought I had a 25 per-cent chance, being one of those four guys I really did not think I had much more than the other three guys that were up for it, Joey Harrington big arm, Ken Dorsey undefeated big arm, Rex Grossman not undefeated but a big arm, a lot of passing yards so, I did not know they would vote for a running quarterback and the vote was very close, but the voters voted and here I am, the rest is history, thankful for it because it's a great honor to bring back to Nebraska and for the university."

Crouch treasure his career on the football gridiron and now he is looking forward to his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Crouch said: "To be able to now look back and say hey, that is part of why I worked so hard, these things that keep rolling in, reminds me of some really good times at Nebraska and for that I'm grateful."

Crouch will be inducted into College Football Hall of Fame on December 8th at the National Football Foundation Dinner in New York City.