National Champion Millard North Dance Team

The Millard North Boys basketball team has attracted huge crowds this season, with their roster of Division One prospects. But fans also come to watch the halftime show, which features the National Champion Millard North Dance team.

Last month in Orlando, Millard North took first place for Pom Dance at the Universal Dance Association National Dance Team Championship.

The Mustangs beat out 320 teams from 36 states to win the title for the second year in a row.

Millard North senior Francesca Stessman said: "Its so fun to see all the amazing teams, all the talent that is there, its insane every year we get so nervous, but we are so excited to take that nationals floor and dance for each other and push as hard as we can."

The 21-member Dance Team is coached by Andrea Feltz and her sister Mila O'Brien, who teach family consumer science at Millard North. They have found a winning formula at Nationals over the past 11 years.

Andrea Feltz said: "Its very team oriented, its all about this one team, 21 girls and making sure that every single person is doing the exact same thing, at the exact same time, it doesn't matter if you are in the front or the back or the side, you all have to be as good as each other."

Mila O'Brien said: "Its the confidence of getting out on that floor and being ready and I think that is one that separates our girls, maybe from other teams across the country, when they step on to that nationals floor they are ready to compete."

The key to Millard North's longtime success is staying humble.

Millard North senior Madi Buda said: "The word I would describe us is humble even if we win and we still go to state and everything we are still like come on we got to push, we got to fight, we go to do it really good, even though we won it doesn't mean we are going to win again."

The Millard North Dance Team will perform at the Boys State Basketball on Thursday/March 12th at halftime of the Millard North vs. Papio South game, which starts at 7:00p.m.