Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball

Every July the town of Saint Paul, Nebraska hosts the annual Grover Cleveland Alexander Days. The town of 2,300 honors the Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, who was born on a farm in the area and retired there at the end of his baseball career in 1930.

In the middle of main street is the "Museum of Nebraska Major League Baseball", which houses a diverse collection of Nebraskans, who have played in the major leagues. The museum also features the careers of seven Nebraskans, who have been inducted into Cooperstown, including "Alexander the Great".

Duane Alstadt of the Museum said: "He won 373 games he had four one-hitters in one season, he won 30 games three years in a row, then he got drafted into the service at 31-years-old, so that took a bite out of his career."

Alexander played 19 seasons and even Hollywood made a movie about him in 1952,starring Ronald Reagan as Alexander and Doris Day as his wife, about winning the 1926 World Series over the New York Yankees.

160 players from Nebraska have made it to the big leagues.

Altstadt said: "We furnished a lot of major league players and some of them pretty notable."

Saint Paul is located about 35 minutes north of I-80 and 25 minutes north of Grand Island.

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