MLB Draft Reportedly Coming to Omaha


The Major League Baseball Amateur Draft is reportedly coming to Omaha this June. is reporting that the draft will be held on Wednesday,June 10th through Friday, June 12th before the College World Series.

Kendall Rogers, who is the co-managing editor of sent out this tweet on Monday night.

"BREAKING: The 2020 #MLBDraft is moving from New Jersey to Omaha. The draft will be held Wednesday, June 10 through Friday, June 12, the eve of the @NCAACWS."

WOWT Sports Director Ross Jernstrom interviewed MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred in June of 2018, when he announced the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers game being in Omaha.
Manfred was asked about the MLB Draft coming to the home of the College World Series.

Manfred said: "We like the idea of having the draft in a location where more players could be available, where the calendars between the NCAA and major league baseball would be more coordinated. I'm sure we'd have more conversations about that possibility. There's a lot of logistics surrounding it that need to be worked out."

Jernstrom said: "How much sense would it make, when you got a third of the draft playing in the College World Series to maybe have the venue here?"

Manfred said "Look I do the draft every year and I can tell you that the selections where the young men happens to be present are way more exciting than the one who are not present. Usually because he's playing baseball somewhere. So we understand that and hope we can make strides on that going forward. "

Jernstrom said: "You know we have the NBA Draft tonight the NFL Draft with these big fan venues are you envisioning something where fans can be a big part of it?"

Manfred said: "Always for us the key is players, if we can in fact get to a calendar that allows players to be present at the draft we believe that our draft can be just as exciting as any other sport."

Jernstrom said: "What are your thoughts about the excitement of baseball in this city?"

Manfred said: "Can I tell you something, I love a town like this that gets excited about baseball I actually watch a fair amount of the CWS on the TV. There's always great crowds in the ballpark, I like the idea of young people engaging in the game which seems to be something really strong here in Omaha. It's one of the reasons we chose to come here, we're excited to be in Omaha next year."

The official announcement is expected to be made at the MLB winter meetings in San Diego. The event is expected to take place at the Holland Center in Omaha.