Iowa Coach on Husker-Hawkeye Rivalry

Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz has a long history in rivalry between the Huskers and Hawkeyes. It started 38 years ago, when he was an assistant coach.

Coach Ferentz said: "My history with them goes back to 1981, my first game as an assistant at Iowa was against them, and they had beaten us by a lot, and the year before we upset them. In '81, they paid us back the next year pretty handily over in Lincoln. You know, back then it really wasn't a series. We played them tough and beat them one time back in the '80s. Coincidentally when I get back to Iowa in '99 my first game as a head coach was against Nebraska, and it was competitive for about 10 minutes."

The Iowa Nebraska game has become a tradition on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Ferentz likes the rivalry.

Ferentz said:"At least it's at a point now where it's a series, and I think both teams enjoy the match-up. It's a trophy game, I think one of the neater trophies in college football, sponsored by Hy-Vee. It's just the Heroes Trophy, which recognizes people in both states that have just done some really amazing things. So I think that's just a really nice caveat to the whole thing.'

Coach Ferentz and the Hawkeyes have won the last four matchups but the gap is getting closer.

Ferentz said :"It's been a good, good series, and they've done a tremendous job in a short amount of time, and they're going to be a really tough team. I know that."

This year's Iowa - Nebraska game is on Friday November 29th in Lincoln. The Huskers will try to snap a four game losing streak to their rivals. at the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago I'm Ross Jernstrom.