Huskers earn victory over Illinois

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LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) - Nebraska football advanced to three and seven for the season after a decisive victory over Illinois on Saturday.

The Fighting Illini traveled to Memorial Stadium with a four and five record to face off against the Huskers.

The first quarter of the game was exciting as Nebraska scored three touchdowns and Illinois scored two. The score was 21 to 14 moving into the second quarter.

Nebraska maintained their momentum in the second quarter, scoring 17 more points, while Illinois put just seven on the board. The score was 38 to 21 at halftime.

Illinois seemed to struggle coming out of the half. They weren't able to get any points in the third quarter, while Nebraska scored seven. Nebraska maintained the lead as they moved into the fourth.

While the Huskers maintained a solid lead, the Fighting Illini put more points on the board in the fourth. They scored 14 to try and catch up, but Nebraska scored nine of their own.

The final score was Huskers 54 and Fighting Illini 35.

Scott Frost and the players were clearly excited about their victory as the addressed the media in the post-game press conference.

Frost said focus was much improved, and practice each week has been better than the previous.

Quarterback Adrian Martinez said it was the coldest game he had ever played, but it wasn't too bad when he was out on the field.

The cold must have energized the Huskers to work hard and get their third win of the season.

They will face Michigan St. at home next Saturday.