Husker Offense Ready for Purdue Matchup

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The Nebraska football team practiced for approximately two hours on Wednesday inside the Hawks Championship Center and on the Ed and Joyanne Gass practice fields.

Following practice, Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters met with the media and talked about moving forward after a slow start and looking ahead to Saturday’s game against Purdue.

“The guys came back and put that one behind us,” Walters said. “We’re kind of in reset mode. The first three weeks, there are what they are. We have to look ahead, look forward. The guys have had three good practices.”

Walters talked about setting the tone and example for the team as coaches.
“Up until this year, we haven’t experienced a loss in a long time,” Walters said. “It was new for us. But we know we have to set the example. We have to be the standard. If players see us panicking and losing faith and belief in the system and in this program, then they are going to do the same thing. We understand it’s a long season. We’re not giving up on this season, we feel like we can accomplish everything we want to accomplish. The goals are still out there. It’s day-by-day. We’ve got to take it day-by-day, get better as coaches, get better as players, get better as trainers each day and if we do that, then we put ourselves at a good chance to win on Saturday.”

Walters mentioned Purdue’s defense and the game plan going into Nebraska’s conference home opener.
“They play with passion,” Walters said. “They fly around. Upfront, they’re big, they’re stout. They do a lot of movement up front. That’s going to be a challenge. Linebackers are downhill players. (Junior linebacker Markus Bailey) is kind of a hybrid. He plays out of the box and into the box, very athletic. Secondary wise, they bend, but don’t break. They want to keep everything in front of them and are good tacklers. They’re a solid defense. We have to make sure we go out there and can’t turn the ball over. You can’t have penalties. I think if we do that, then we have a chance at being successful.”
Walters also discussed the improvements from the receiver unit, mentioning how they are evaluated each week before going into a game.
“I thought (junior receiver Jaron) Woodyard did a good job,” Walters said. “He had a couple releases on their guys and ran a post route. He was open, we just didn’t have time. Tyjon (Lindsey), he’s growing and learning. It was good for him to get out there against that type of competition. Kade Warner has done a good job. Bryan Reimers has done well in practice. We’re just going to find out who that guy is. Nothing is set in stone. I told them at the beginning of the week, ‘I know what Stanley (Morgan Jr.) can do. I know what JD (Spielman) can do. Every other position at receiver is open. We’re grading every rep, and I’m posting it on the receiver door so that those guys know their pluses, their minuses, their grades each day. We’re going to play according to those grades.”
The Huskers will be back on the practice field on Thursday morning. Nebraska faces off against Purdue this Saturday, Sept. 29 in Memorial Stadium at 2:30 p.m. (CT). The game will be televised on BTN.