Husker Offense Gets Ready for Season Opener

This was Day 17 of Nebraska's Fall Camp. The Husker offense spoke with the media after practice on Wednesday. Offensive Coordinator Troy Walters likes the progress of the offense heading into the season opener against South Alabama.

Coach Walters said:"We feel good about fall camp up to this point, we are night and day where we were in terms of the scheme guys understand, the schemes so the guys know whatever we throw at them, they can handle."

The depth chart for the offense will come out on Monday. Walters says the team will start to focus on the game plan for South Alabama.

Coach Walters said: "We have to separate and get in some South Alabama, show them some clips so we can get familiar with what we are going to see. But we don't want to lose the edge going against our defense, because our defense is playing well and its making us better. We will combine the two and make sure we are peaking next Saturday."

Coach Walters was asked if he saw any separation with the receviers in fall camp. Coach Walters said: "Yeah we're putting guys in different situations,” Walters said. “Playing a lot of guys in different positions because we want that depth. This past week we've had a couple of scrimmages, a couple of game day simulations just to see how guys react. Definitely guys are separating themselves but I feel good about the depth that we have. I feel good about the guys understanding the offense so that we can move guys around, JD Spielman doesn't always have to play in the slot, we can move him outside if we need him. So we're very pleased with how things are coming and the depth of the group."

Coach Walters commented on how some of the freshmen are performing trough fall camp. Walters said: ""They're doing a good job,” he said. “What I'm pleased with is some of the other guys that have stepped up. So they've made it harder for those freshmen, they kind of ‘overshined’ the freshmen. They've done a good job but some of the other guys, (Jaevon) Mcquitty, Mike Williams, Andre Hunt have stepped up and their game and are doing well. The freshmen, they have a battle on their hands, but they've stepped up we'd like for them to play this season, get some experience under their belt. How much? Really just depends on the season and how things kind of shake out."

Nebraska will open the season against South Alabama at 11:00a.m. on Saturday/August 31st.

Head Coach Scott Frost will meet with the media on Friday.