Husker Freshman Quarterback Makes An Impact

Nebraska freshman quarterback Luke McCaffrey has turned a lot of heads during Husker Fall Camp. McCaffrey is making an impact at the quarterback position.

McCaffrey said: "Its super fun its awesome about our system but what's super special about it is at any time who knows if the strategy will work and a player will make a play that is something that is super special."

McCaffrey grew up in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where he led Valor Christian High School to the State Championship. Luke is the son of NFL great Ed McCaffrey and the brother of Carolina Panther All-Pro Christian McCaffrey, so he was raised on football.

McCaffrey said: "My family played a lot of backyard football in the day I was always the littlest one so I would come with different strategies, obviously as I grow up, I get a little bigger, but it was always a fun environment, who better to be a role model than your older brother I have lucky enough to have someone so close I can look up to and strive to be like."

McCaffrey has made some big plays in Fall Camp. The freshman quarterback likes to scramble and makes plays with his feet, like this pass on the run to Rahmir Johnson for a big gain. McCaffrey likes to improvise plays.

"It depends, we have a great system, where we can have freedom to make a play Rahmir Johnson made a awesome play on that one he found the open lane sat there and got open but each day in practice we have players making those plays and its super special to watch."

McCaffrey has a bright future and is looking forward to being a quarterback at Nebraska.

McCaffrey said: "Its really cool to be able to come here and just show what Nebraska is all about, what this program wants to do and what we are in the process of doing."