Husker Assistant Coach Returns After Throat Cancer

Published: Aug. 5, 2019 at 9:58 PM CDT
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Nebraska's Fall Camp marks a special return for one Husker assistant coach. After battling throat cancer last spring, Jovan Dewitt was thrilled to be back on the practice field.

Last spring Dewitt spent 20 days in the hospital to be treated for throat cancer. He lost 102 pounds. Dewitt's weight dropped from 307 pounds to 207. But the Husker assistant was back on the practice field helping coach the linebackers and special teams on Monday.

After practice Dewitt said he was excited to be back:

"Its not what we like to do its what we are obsessed with doing for me its my ultimate release is being able to be on the grass and coaching ball and working with our guys. For me to be back out there is a complete relief for me. I actually got yelled at by Scott (Frost) for coming in a little bit too early because he wants to make sure I'm managing my time and getting in and getting out and being more efficient with my time I'm working at the same pace that I normally do. I'm probably more efficient than I was before because I don't have the extra time to just stand around. The thing I do have to manage is making sure I get as many calories as humanly possible, because otherwise I'll lose weight way too fast."

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