Hunting with Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost Part Two

Published: Mar. 22, 2019 at 11:33 PM CDT
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Greg Wagner: "well we are here at Oak Creek Sporting Club a licensed shooting area near brained we are proud and pleased to have with us the Head Football Coach at Nebraska Scott Frost. Scott welcome."

Coach Frost: "thanks you very much good to be here."

Greg: "I have to ask in the recruiting process have you had any recruits ask any hunting or fishing opportunities in Nebraska?"

Coach Frost: "Yeah a lot of Nebraska kids who grew up doing it one from Tennessee that is a quail and duck hunter back there but he is anxious to hunt some upland game birds we are going to have to get him with the right people."

Greg: "You work with young people, athletes, day in and day out for those that are watching us whether its regard to outdoors or not, what message would you have for youth in their families?"

Scott: "It needs to be all of us it help kids become grown up women and men. Hunting is great place to learn a lot of lessons that will serve you the rest of your life."

Greg: "What else would like to add about the outdoor scene in Nebraska?"

Coach Frost: "It's just beautiful you need to be from the Midwest to appreciate the beauty and what you can do around here,being able to walk out of town and be on your own and enjoy the outdoors that's special and hope more people get to enjoy it."

Greg: "You and I are going to find a window when you and I to do some hunting will you do that coach?"

Coach Frost: "The problem is the hunting season and the football season collide , I have not been deer hunting in a long time and would like to get that done. If its we'll get that done too."

Greg: "Let's see if we can find some time to get outdoors"