High School Athlete of the Week: Roncalli's Jack Dotzler

Jack Dotzler has had a record breaking season at Omaha Roncalli. In the first round of the state playoffs, the senior quarterback set a playoff record with 434 yards passing and 7 touchdowns in a win over Plattsmouth.
Dotzler credits his teammate for the record. "For that record was not just for I did, I have great offensive linemen, some of the best offensive linemen in the state, and some of the greatest receivers in the state too, catching the balls, I just throw it, they bail me out sometimes. I am lucky to have everyone on the team."

jack dotzler omaha roncalli

Omaha Roncalli Head Coach Tom Kassing said: "He is a fantastic quarterback with our system we are reading defenses, we are not telling him where to throw the ball, he is determining where to throw the ball based upon the defense and to have a kid like this two years in a row passed for as many yards as he has, is pretty special."

Dotzler's favorite receiver is Shane Orr. The duo have been a passing combination for the past eight years.

Orr said: "Well we have been playing sports together football and basketball since the 4th grade, he really does all the work and I get open for him and make it happen."

Dotzler said: "Shane and I work so well, because we have throwing it since the 4th grade, he has been my guy to go to, he has worked so hard for everything he has gotton and it is awesome to see."

Dotzler has passed for over 5,700 yards and thrown 62 touchdown passes, but his biggest passion is basketball. He is headed to Morningside on a basketball scholarship.

Dotzler said: "My first love is basketball, I love the game of basketball, I love the coaches up there, you know you're footwork, you have to move around people, just kind of the instincts that you get when you play both sports for so long, they carry over to each other."

"On behalf of Woodhouse we would like to congratulate Jack Dotzler with being WOWT's Athlete of the Week!