High School Athlete of the Week: Papio's Ethan Neil

Ethan Neil of the Papillion-LaVista High School is the High School Athlete of the Week. The junior is the defending Class A State Tennis Champion.


This week Neil is ready to defend his state title at Tranquility Park.
Neil said: "State is a really big deal and of course in Nebraska and every other state, it was what people at the end of the season like to see, so I look forward to defending it and playing hard."

Papio Head Coach Josh Siske said: "Well he is obviously the best tennis player I have been able to see up close and around at the high school level, his demeanor and work ethic are unmatched for a high school, that I have been around, so his ability to just move on and go to the next play, and the shot variety that he can hit are pretty impressive."

Neil's passion for tennis started at an early age: "I started just hitting around with my sisters, when I was really young like three or four, I started playing competitively like orange ball under ten years old when I was like 6th, 7th, 8th grade."

Neil played basketball and tennis until the 8th grade, then he made the decision to focus on one sport: "So I used to play basketball and tennis kind of both them I liked them both a lot, but I started to like tennis more about the 8th grade, I took a jump there got a little bigger and just a got better and started to like it the most."

Neil is looking to make history with back to back state titles: "There are not many people who have won more than one state title overall, so if I could get two that would be really sweet."

On behalf of Woodhouse Auto Group--we congratulate Ethan Neil as the High School Athlete of the Week.