High School Athlete of the Week: Avante Dickerson

Westside's Avante Dickerson is the High School Athlete of the Week. Dickerson is a double threat on offense and defense. Last Friday in the Class A semi-finals, Dickerson intercepted a pass and caught a touchdown pass.

Dickerson picked off a pass on the third play of the game, to set up the first touchdown of the game for the Warriors. Dickerson said: "Well we went out before the whole game and practiced every way just studying film make sure I do what I do and when it came down to the game, we were in a coverage backing up in my zone I saw the ball coming and just went for it."

Westside Head Coach Brett Froendt said: "It was a big momentum changer, obviously first drive and Avante had one of his arms pinned down to his sides and caught it with one hand, tremendous play. Obviously it got our team in good field position, got us started off on the right foot, big plays from big players, at big times, to make things like that happen, so it got us off on the right foot and we were able to get some points early on Millard South and that certainly helped our momentum early."

Dickerson also caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Cole Payton to give Westside a 14-0 lead. Dickerson said: "I think it gave us a lot of energy off of that, we just started, our offense started rolling, our defense kept getting stops, after all of that, we started getting going.

Dickerson is considered a Power 5 recruit. He has several college recruiting him, but for right now, he is focused on winning the Class A Championship at Memorial Stadium next Tuesday night against undefeated Bellevue West.

Dickerson said: "Oh I dreamed of this since I was playing with the Junior Warriors in third grade, me and Coach Justin Haberman, the cornerbacks coach used to talk about it all the time coming up here getting a state championship, finally we are at Lincoln now."

On behalf of the Woodhouse Family, we congratulate Avante Dickerson on being the High School Athlete of the Week.