Iowa downs Nebraska 27-24

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LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) -- The Iowa Hawkeyes used a late field goal to top the Huskers 27-24 in Lincoln Friday.

In their final game of the season and just days off a big win in Maryland, Nebraska hopes to find their way to a bowl game with a win over the Iowa Hawkeyes today.

WHEN: 1:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 29
WHERE: Memorial Stadium in Lincoln
WATCH: Big Ten Network
LISTEN: Husker Sports Network

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Iowa at Nebraska game. This is WOWT Sports Director Ross Jernstrom and I will be giving updates and analysis throughout today's game.

The seniors have just been introduced before kickoff. The weather is wet, windy, and cold. The temperature is 35 degrees, feels like 26 degrees. The wind is out of the SE at 13 miles per-hour.

One note of emphasis before kickoff, Nebraska's Wan'Dale Robinson did warmup on the field before kickoff. So it looks like #1 will be on the field today.

Iowa starts from their own 25 yard line.
Pass complete for first down. Run for five yards. Incomplete pass--wide open--dropped pass. Incomplete pass. 4th down at 42.
Punt to 12.

Mills for 4 yards. Pass to Spielman gain of one.
Martinez gain of one.Punt to 45.

TV timeout.

Touchdown! 45 yard run Ihmir Smith-Marsette off a reverse. Two plays 56 yards in just 35 seconds. Iowa leads 7-0 with 1:04 left in first quarter.


Nebraska starts from 25 yard line.
Pass incomplete. Mills gain of 7 yards.
Martinez gets first down at 36.
Vedral comes in at quarterback and completes pass. Personal foul 15 yards. Takes ball to 39 yard line.
Incomplete pass. Vedral pass incomplete--almost picked off.
Incomplete pass. Punt to Iowa.
Iowa gets ball at four yard line.

Husker defense gets a tackle for a loss--almost a safety.
7-yard gain to the 10. Punt for Iowa.

Nebraska gets the ball at the 27 yard line.
Loss of 6 by Spielman.
McCaffrey in at quarterback,
Pass to Warner for 21 yards.
Incomplete pass to Spielman,
3rd down and 13.Gain of 2 yards.
Field goal attempt--Wolbach for 41 yards.
GOOD! Iowa still leads 7-3 with 4:03 left in the 1st quarter.


Stanley bootleg pass to 55
Freshman Tyler Goodson goes all the way 55 yards for a touchdown. He bust into the open and no one is going to catch him. The Husker defense has some big holes. Two long runs for the Hawkeyes.
Iowa leads 14-3 with 3:08 left in the 1st quarter.


Nebraska starts at the 25 yard line.
Three and out for the Huskers. Punt.
Ugh! This does not look good for the Big Red!

Iowa starts at 28 yard line.
Pass to Beyer for 9 yards.
Iowa gets first down.
Incomplete pass.
Goodson does a great spin move and runs to the 40 yard line of Nebraska.
Pass for 10 yards to the 30.


Iowa had 191 yards to total offense in the first quarter, compared to 44 for Nebraska.

4th down and 22 for Iowa.
Field goal--49 yard field goal.
Duncan makes the kick.
Iowa leads 17-3 with 11:37 left in the 2nd quarter.


Nebraska has ball at 25 yard line.
Martinez sacked for a loss of 4.
Gain of 4 yards.
Martinez gain of 4. Punt.
43 yard punt to the 27. Iowa takes over again.

Is it time to shake up the offense. Put McCaffrrey in????

INTERCEPTION! Nebraska's Cam Taylor Britt picks off a pass and returns it for a touchdown.
Iowa still leads 17-10 with 8:54 left in the second quarter.
What a big play for the Huskers. The fans are back in the game.


Kickoff return for 95 yards for Iowa. Smith-Marsette goes all the way for the touchdown. Just like that--Huskers fall behind by 14. Ties the longest in school history. 8:41 left in the second quarter.


Wyatt Mazour comes in get a first down.
Fake pass play blows up--loss of eight. Bad Play.
Martinez scrambles and gets a few yards. 8 yard line.

Iowa starts at the 8.
Goodson nice run for a gain of 9 yards. 1st down.
Incomplete--3rd down and 10.

Nebraska marching here at the end of the first half.
Martinez has seven yard run down to the 48 of Iowa.
Martinez 16 yard pass to Mills down to 31 of Iowa.
No gain on pass to Mills. Where was the block on that play?
Martinez has all the time in the world and throws an interception down at the 5 yard line.
Hawkeyes take over with :41 seconds left.


Iowa has 202 yards of total offense in the first half, compared to 114 for Nebraska. Tyler Goodson has 109 rushing yards in the first half. He averages only 43 yards a game.

What about the quarterback position? Do you make a change for the second half? Martinez has completed 8-12 passes for just 32 yards and one interception. He is the leading rusher with 31 yards. His longest run is only 8 yards.

We are back for the second half!
Iowa kicks off to Nebraska. 15 yard return.
Mills runs for four yards.
Martinez runs four yards.
Mills gets three yards for first down.
MIlls takes pitch for 14 yards to 39.
Mills runs for three yards.
Incomplete pass.
Martinez runs for 2 yards to the 45.
Punt--flag for roughing the kicker.
1st down. tackle for loss of four yards.
Epenesa with the sack for a loss 9 yards.
Punt to 29 yard line. Epenesa is headed to the NFL and being a first round draft pick.

Iowa takes over at 29-yard line.
Tackle for a loss on Goodson.
Pass incomplete. 3rd down and 11.
Incomplete--so the Hawkeyes punt.
Nebraska takes over at 41 yard line.

TOUCHDOWN! McCaffrey passes to Spielman for the touchdown.
5 plays in 59 yards for a td.
Iowa still leads 24-17 with 8:24 left in the 3rd quarter.


Iowa takes over at 22 yard line.
Goodson stuffed for a 2 yard gain.
Goodson runs for five yards--penalty flag.ball at 14 yard line.
Screen pass goes no where.
Punt from the 14 yard line.
Nebraska takes over at 41 yard line.

Mills gain of one to 42.
Martinez runs for four yards--third and five.
Mills runs for 8 yards to 46 of Iowa.
No gain for Mills.
Mills runs for 9 yards to 38 yard line.
Martinez gets first down to the 33 of Iowa.
Martinez loss of two.
Mills runs for 5 yards.
Mills runs down to the 29.4th down and five.
Martinez pass to tight end for a first down.
Mills gain of 7 yards.
Mills gain of 2 to 9 yard line.
TOUCHDOWN! Mazour runs up the middle for a TD.
13 plays on a 60 yard drive.
The game is all tied up at 24 all WITH :32 left in 3rd quarter.



Nebraska gets the ball at 9 yard line.
3rd down-Martinez stopped short of first down.
Punt--bad only to 44--only a 28 yard punt.

Iowa takes over at the 44.
Goodson gain of 4 yards.
Incomplete pass.
Stanley gain of two.
Delay of game fourth down. 4th and 9.
Nebraska takes over at the two yard line.

Mills runs out to the 5 yard line.
No gain for Mills.
Pass to 11 yard line--just short of first down.
Punt--out to 47 yard line.

9:10 left in this game--tie game at 24 all. Who is going to win this game?
Iowa ready to go from their own 47.
Pass to tight end for 7 yards.
Gain of two to the 41.
Stanley gain of six to the 43. First down.

Timeout with 7:05 left in the game tied--24 all.

Pass complete for a gain of two.
Goodson stopped for gain of three.
Penalty by Iowa--false start.
3rd and 10 from 38.
Runs down to the 34.
4th down--and six-Iowa
Pooch kick goes in the end zone.

4:32 left in the game. Nebraska ball at 20 yard line