Friday Night Fever: Westside takes the win against Millard South 31-14

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- In the other class A semi-final. Westside faced Millard South.

In the first quarter, Westside’s Cole Payton passes over the middle to Cal Weideman, and he bulls his way to the end for a 12-yard touchdown. The warriors took the lead 7 to nothing.

In the second quarter, Westside went to the air again. Payton hits Avante Dickerson for a 14-yard touchdown. The Warriors now led 14-to-nothing.

Later in the second quarter, Payton came up with a big play. He runs up the middle and finds some daylight, he goes all the way 92 yards for a touchdown. What a play. The warriors now led 21-to-nothing.

Then right before the half, Payton added a touchdown with a keeper up the middle for a 20-yard touchdown.

The Warriors held on to win it.

And the final score...Westside 31 and Millard South 14. After the game, the Warriors talked about going to the state championship game.