Friday Night Fever: Roncalli takes the win against Plattsmouth 56-28

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- We're going to pick this one up in the second quarter, crimson pride already up 20-0.

Roncalli's Jackson Dotzler fakes the give, rolls out and hits Thomas Kenney for the 8-yard touchdown.

Crimson pride goes up 27-0.

Still in the second, Roncalli threatening again. Great effort by Dotzler here, evading defenders and eventually finding Jake Orr in the back of the end zone for another 8-yard score. It's a 34-nothing game now.

Plattsmouth would get on the board before the half was up. Hunter Adkins rolls out and finds Andrew Rathman for the score.
But it was all crimson pride. The final 56--28