Friday Night Fever: Creighton Prep takes the loss against Westside 13-49

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWt)-- The Warriors won the regular-season matchup between the two longtime rivals.

In the first quarter--Westside got on the scoreboard when Cole Payton kept the ball himself and raced 45 yards to the end zone for a touchdown. The warriors took the lead 7-to-3.

It looked like the Westside defense came up with a big play, when Creighton Prep mishandled a handoff and the ball flies loose. Jake Holmstrom scoops it up and returns it for a touchdown. But the officials said the runner was down. That was wrong.

Westside got the ball back and Payton dumps the ball to Avante Dickerson and watches him hurdle a prep defender and score on a 25-yard touchdown. What a player. The warriors went on to win it.