Friday Night Fever: Bellevue West shuts out Burke

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A big win for Bellevue West Friday night featuring T-Bird running back Jay Ducker.

Bellevue West vs. Omaha Burke

In a scoreless game Ducker from the wildcat goes in on the right side for touchdown number 100 of his career – 6-zip Birds.

Second quarter and Ducker is the decoy --- or is he? On the wheel route he takes a pass in from 27 yards out - Bellevue West now up 20 to nothing.

But Ducker is just getting warmed up. Late in the quarter he gathered a pass for his third score: 27 – 0 T-Birds.

In the third quarter, again in the wildcat, Ducker with the short touchdown run and this one was out of control.

But Ducker has one more shot - fourth quarter and he goes up the middle - five touchdowns on the night, one short of the state record, as Bellevue West shut out defending champ Burke 48 - 0.