Dave Ellis Leads Husker Nutrition Program

Published: Jan. 23, 2019 at 11:14 PM CST
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Dave Ellis is a familiar face around the Husker training table. Ellis is the Director of Performance Nutrition at the University of Nebraska. Ellis makes sure the Huskers are eating the right foods.

Head Coach Scott Frost hired Ellis last summer to get the Huskers back in top shape.

Ellis said: "My job is to make sure that these athletes are doing everything they can with their nutrition, that their meals and with their timely consumption of calories, incidental to their workouts, before and after to give them an advantage to outwork the competition."

Ellis is not stranger to Nebraska. The Omaha Burke graduate attended Nebraska in the 1980's and worked Boyd Epley in the strength program. Ellis started the nutrition department in 1994, when the Huskers won a national championship.

Ellis said: "It was the product of the hard work these athletes did in the off season, the reps that Coach Osborne used to throw at his teams, we tried very hard with regard to the fueling to make sure we had an advantage there also.t would give us legs in the fourth quarter, keep us from cramping set another team up for fatigue, while we could keep dishing it out."

Ellis left the University of Nebraska in 2001 to pursue a career as a consultant. After 17 years of consulting some of the world's best athletes on nutrition, Ellis was ready to return to Nebraska and give advice to the Huskers, so they can start winning titles again.

Ellis said: "Getting these athletes to dial in on just how important the off-seasons are, so that we can focus on playing football during the spring, focus on playing football during the fall, without trying to manipulate body mass, that is when you want to successfully hang on to it."

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