Coach Scott Frost Encourages Players to Speak Out

Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 8:35 PM CDT
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Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost has no problem with his players speaking out on racial issues. Coach Frost held a "Zoom" news conference with reporters on Tuesday.

Frost has encouraged his players to speak out: "You know I think we have always been on the right side of this our players have their own voice and all I want to do is try to educate our guys to use their voice in the right way, that does not mean telling them what to say, that just means to help them understand that social media is a valuable thing because you can spread information but it can also be dangerous I just want our kids to understand that how they portray themselves on that is kind of what we call it the resume to the world."

Coach Frost was asked if anyone on his coaching staff had used a racial slur:: "I would be shocked to hear that any of our coaches have ever done anything like that I have not been involved in every conversation that has happened in this building or any other building that we have been, but that's not the type of men that I know that work here."

Coach Frost has tried to use team building exercises to unify his team: "Every fall camp every single night we have team building and usually that team building is having people come talk to our team about issues like this, whether its race, whether its treatment of women, whether its gambling and making sure our kids stay away from that, we try to educate our guys as often as we can about all of those things."

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