Coach Harbaugh and Michigan Picked to Win Big 10 East

Jim Harbaugh starts his 5th season as Head Coach at Michigan. The Wolverines are the favorite to win the Big East Division.

Photo: University of Michigan / MGN

Coach Harbaugh said "To win the Big Ten Championship, qualify for the playoffs, win the National Championship. Those are our goals, and then you put those to the back of the mind and focus on how you can achieve those.That's what we're trying to -- that's what we're trying to do better, trying to do more, focus on that day-to-day. I think it's good right now. I think it's good. I think it's tight."

Harbaugh is looking for a big senior season from his quarterback Shea Patterson, who finished last season with 2600 yards passing and 22 touchdowns.

Harbaugh said:"Really felt watching Shea Patterson especially and Dillon McCaffrey also, their play making ability, their ability to operate as a passer and as a runner, how explosive they both are, Shea with his ability to make quick decisions, really fits the shotgun, really fits the RPO world, really fits the up tempo. They really like it."

The schedule sets up nice for Harbaugh and the Wolverines. Michigan hosts their two big rivals Michigan State and Ohio State at the big house.

Harbaugh said:"I feel like our team is in a really good place. Young, enthusiastic team with players with a lot of good experience. I feel really good about our coaching staff, and like I said, I feel like it's good, it's tight, and we're proceeding on a daily basis to make it even tighter, even better."

Harbaugh has yet to beat the Buckeyes in four games--so this could be the year Michigan wins the Big Game. at the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago I'm Ross Jernstrom Six Sports.