Coach Frost Looks Ahead to Colorado Game

The Nebraska football team started their preparations for the Colorado game on Monday. Head Coach Scott Frost said they have the "player's ear," after their performance in the 35-21 win over South Alabama in the season opener.

The Huskers struggled on offense and had only 276 yards of total offense.

Frost said he thought the offense was out of rhythm. “First of all, we have to do a better job as a coaching staff of getting us in the right [formations]. [South Alabama] made some changes in the offseason and we got too scheme-y with what we were expecting from them and [South Alabama ran] other [schemes]. They did a really good job, so we have to do a better job as a coaching staff. We have to get the snap issue fixed. That cost us quite a few plays. We made some bad decisions. Above all else, we need to practice well. I know I sound like a broken record on that. You could tell last week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I was pleased with our defense. Our offense was nowhere near our standard. You play how you practice. You’re not all of a sudden going to show up and play well on Saturday, if you didn’t execute things on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The good thing is I think we got [the team’s] ear on that and today looked really good for the first day of a new game plan. Offensively, I have a ton of confidence in our coaching staff. These guys [on the offensive staff] have done an unbelievable job for a lot of years, putting up a lot of points and yards. They’ll find a way, but we have to practice better and we have [had] a good start this week.”

Frost said the offense's success needs to start with the quarterback: "It starts with our quarterback. He’s got to be the hardest-working guy at practice. I love the kid, he’s an unbelievable player and he’s going to have a great year. He didn’t have his best week of practice. The same [is true] with several other leaders on offense. I’ll ride with these guys, I know what kind of players they are and what kind of players they’ll be, but I don’t know if it was us feeling ourselves a little bit or school starting and us being distracted. As a coaching staff, we put a little too much ‘new’ in and that might have made them think instead of playing fast like we [saw] during fall camp. Offensively, [the USA] game is either going to be a harbinger of things to come this season, or we are going to look back on it as the best thing that ever happened to us because it was a learning experience. We have to practice and coach in a way to make it the latter.”

There will be a lot of attention this week on Martinez's injury,which he suffered in the 4th quarter of the Colorado game last year. Colorado outside linebacker Jacob Collier was accused of twisting Martinez's leg in the bottom of a pile. Coach Frost sent the video to the Pac 12 Conference last year. No action was taken by the conference.

The players remember the incident. Husker cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt said: "It's a target on their head."

Commenting on that injury Monday, Frost said there's been a lot of really tough games in the heated rivalry between Nebraska and Colorado. The stuff that happened last year, that was a different coaching staff, a different team, um, that doesn't have anything to do with it. I'm not crazy about using those types of things as motivation for our team. We should have motivation enough."

Kickoff is set for 2:30 Central time this Saturday in Boulder. The game will be televised on FOX.