Cain recovers from COVID-19

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When the college basketball season abruptly ended in mid-March, Kate Cain returned to her home town of MIddletown, New York. She knew she was entering a COVID-19 hotspot as the virus fervently spread. In Middletown, Cain reunited with her parents and two siblings. A few weeks later, the virus had entered the Cain household affecting all five family members.

Cain, Nebraska's career leader in blocked shots, says her father was exposed to COVID-19 while at work. Tim Cain is an engineer at the West Point Military Academy. He was deemed an essential worker, according to his daughter.

Alison Cain, Kate's mother, also tested positive for COVID-19. Alison, who has a preexisting immune condition, developed pneumonia along with coronavirus, resulting in hospitalization.

"It was definitely scary," Cain said. "My mom was wiped out for two weeks. She's the type of person to push through being sick. Seeing her wiped out for so long was scary."

Kate Cain says she never tested for COVID-19, but was "presumed positive" along with her brothers due to their exposure to the virus. Cain described her condition as asymptomatic, saying she only noticed a mild cough and an occasional headache.

"Its a couple things you start think of after the fact," Cain said. "Stuff that I thought was maybe allergies."

Cain says she maintained good health while in quarantine. She says goes on frequent walks and plays basketball in her driveway when the weather allows.

"Its been chilly here and rainy," Cain said. "Its not always nice to be outside." Cain says she has been cleared from quarantine and is eager to return to Nebraska.

The 6-foot, 5-inch center is entering her senior season with the Huskers. Cain earned All-Big Ten Honorable Mention in 2019-20.

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