CWS 2019: NCAA brings MLB to Omaha to say 'thank you'

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- With Major League Baseball joining the College World Series party this year, the Tigers and the Royals will jump-start CWS events at TD Ameritrade Park when they take the field Thursday.

A few changes had to be made at the park to accommodate the MLB game.

Little Leaguers took the field Wednesday, but tomorrow, major-leaguers will invade the college baseball Mecca.

The NCAA opened the door for Kansas City to play host to Detroit.

“We wanted to provide a platform here in Omaha for this community that has done so many things for us,” said NCAA’s Anthony Holman. “For fans to experience a Major League Baseball game, we want the rest of the country who haven’t been here to see this wonderful facility that we have.”

Work crews had to tweak the ballpark just a bit to make it right for the big-leaguers.

“The lighting requirements for Major League Baseball games is higher than ours, so there’s some additional candles, additional changes in lightning that had to be made,” he said.

CWS fans will benefit from some of the adjustments.

“Folks will notice we added a new camera location in the batter’s eye in centerfield, and that’s really a byproduct of the Major League game being here, but we’ll also use that for CWS games as well,” he said.

NCAA officials want to preserve the traditions and history of the College World Series, but they also want to grow the event — and maybe give these Little Leaguers a chance to dream about college ball… and then maybe the big leagues.