CWS 2019: Michigan is the lone north star in the series universe

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- The road to Omaha didn’t wind through much of the north in 2019. Michigan is the only northern school that found the on-ramp to this year’s CWS.

The vendors are waiting for them. They’re loaded with Michigan gear and they're hoping the fans travel as well as they did earlier in the tournament.

Vendor John Davidson said, “I think it's going to really do well because they showed up for the Super Regional in a big way. And that's probably quite a ways a way from where they live too so I think they'll do really well."

Spence Towns was one of the first Michigan fans to arrive in Omaha for the series and he’s excited about the Wolverines being here.

“They haven't been here in a long time,” he said. “Not only is it great for the university, it's great for the conference to show the strength in the conference was well."

Spence has already purchased a Michigan hat so his head can join the rest of him cheering cheering on his team.

With Michigan as the lone representative of the north in this year’s series, Towns believes the southern schools have a better shot at making it here.

“I think they have an unfair advantage because of the weather. They're allowed to play a lot of games in the warmer climate versus the northern schools in the cold climate and sometimes they can’t generate as many games."

But despite the so-called southern team advantage, Towns believes the Wolverines will put on a good show. “We're going to do very well. They're a dangerous team."

Michigan will take on Texas Tech in the first game of this year’s College World Series. Game time is set for 2 p.m.