CWS 2019: Iconic Road to Omaha statue serves as focal point for fans

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- There is a big part of the College World Series that is quietly celebrating its 20th anniversary and many fans will stop by a take a picture of what has become the symbol of the event.

One of the first stops for CWS fans is the iconic Road to Omaha statute.

Baseball fans come to the statute in droves. Forty-five kids from the Papillion-La Vista Kids Club all gathered to take their picture in front of the statute. All of the children were very young but they might appreciate the photo later in life.

Clyde Sheard, with the Kids Club, said, “The kids, they don’t know yet, but they’ll look back on it and say ‘hey, that’s a piece of Omaha. That’s a tradition. It’s history.’ And I try to put that in these kids. Let them experience that.”

For some Auburn fans, a picture is something they’ve been thinking about for years. “Third generation Auburn. Played baseball in Auburn in 70s. This was on my bucket list to do.”

Heath Thomason, of Des Moines, said coming to the College World Series is a family tradition.

“My son’s eight and I stated coming when I was about seven or eight in 1983. My grandpa came up from southwest Kansas. We watched Wichita State play and pretty much been coming ever since.”

Ralph Allison is from Oregon. He’s a rookie to the series - here with his family.

He said, “It means a lot with my grandkids and my son-in-law. It just means the world. I’ve never been here to this. Always wanted to come and now that they live here, it’s just fantastic to come.”

You can find a lot of stories around the Road to Omaha statute but they all center one thing.

“It’s such an iconic place. It’s always been about baseball and the World Series.”

The Road to Omaha bronze sculpture was dedicated on June 7, 1999 during the 50th anniversary at the home to the College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium. It was moved to TD Ameritrade Park in April of 2011.