Burke Coach Battles His Way to State Finals

Paul Limongi's road to the Class A Championship game has been a tough battle. Last spring the Omaha Burke Head Coach was diagnosed with tonsil cancer. He spent two months having chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Coach Limongi said: "Its been a tough nine or ten months I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in the spring, it was a battle for a bunch of months I had to go through pretty strenuous chemotherapy and radiation, and then had to recover from that in the summer."

Limongi has been the Head Coach at Burke for 13 years, then suddenly last summer he was spending weeks away from his team. But his players including two Nebraska football recruits Chris Hickman and Nick Henrich went to his house and gave support.

Chris Hickman said: "We got to do a lot extra things he was not able to do like mow his lawns, it brought us closer and brought us together."

Nick Henrich said: "Basically the coach has been through the fight of his life, so for us there is no excuse why we can't fight hard as he did in the off season on Monday."

Last September Coach Limongi learned he was cancer free. But he knows his health battle continues today.

Coach Limongi said: "We are not 100 percent cancer free but we are really, really close and things are looking good on that part of the spectrum, hopefully it stays away I keep fighting it hope it goes away."

Coach Limongi and his Burke football team have been perfect this season with a 12-0 record and a ticket to the Class A title game. But Coach Limongi knows this has already been a championship season.

Coach Limongi said: "The team has really come to my aide they are tremendous guys. you know it is really special to know that so many people truly care about you, when you need it the most."

Ross Jernstrom 6 Sports.