Remembering Von Maur

Published: Dec. 5, 2008 at 5:40 AM CST
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A short memorial ceremony will be held on the south steps of Von Maur Friday afternoon, in honor of the shooting victims killed in the store one year ago.

The service will include prayers for all victims and their families, as well as a moment of silence. It will be broadcast live on Channel 6 and

Eight shoppers and Von Maur staff were killed in the store, and several others were injured. Two victims who were critically injured -- Mickey Oldham and Fred Wilson -- have needed extensive surgery and rehabilitation.

Oldham, who was a gift wrapper at Von Maur, was shot in the back and the stomach. She spent more than two months in the hospital, and a year later is recovering from her final surgery.

"I feel very fortunate, lucky, any adjective you want to put in there," Oldham said. "Even the doctors couldn't believe that I made it."

Wilson also made a miraculous recovery. His most serious wound was a gunshot that shattered his shoulder and nearly caused him to bleed to death. His right arm still requires a sling and a splint.

After Memorial Day, Wilson returned to his job at Von Maur in the customer service department. He says he is happy to be back, and appreciates life even more. He says he still gets some attention because of his sling.

"That kind of identifies me," he said. "I will look forward to the day when I'm not wearing the sling and not wearing the splint, and maybe I'm a little more anonymous."

Wilson and Oldham both say they are lucky to be alive.

Oldham says she has been back to Von Maur, and hopes to work there again.