Car striking Omaha couple's house was their long held fear

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 9:49 PM CDT
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We brought you the story as breaking news at daybreak – a car crashed into a couple’s home in the middle of the night.

Monday night, the homeowner tells us she feared this would happen one day.

“I’ve thought, ‘one of these days, someone is going to come right on through the fence and into our house.’ And last night that came true,” said Pam Weibusch.

She and her husband were in a deep sleep when Omaha police said a woman drove through the T-intersection outside their home at 112th Street and Old Maple Road -- onto their yard and into their bedroom.

“My husband was asking me if I was okay and brushing everything off of me until we got out of the bedroom because it smelled horrible in there. I think her car was leaking,” she said.

Weibusch has not slept since.

She said the damage around the house, bedroom and basement could reach $100,000.

Police told 6 News they believe the driver was not paying attention to the stop sign or the reflectors outside.

Weibusch said it’s not the first time her family has had to fix their fence.

“It’s very frustrating. We’ve contacted the city and asked them to put a guardrail up and we’re told that infringed on some city right-of-way,” she said. “We still have just been fixing our fence for the last number of years.”

They have lived there for 20 years and it’s become a problem over the past decade.

“Somebody has run into our fence probably five or six times,” Weibusch said.

The only injury to the family is a cut on Weibusch’s forearm.

They plan to keep on the city about providing another level of protection to their home.

The crash damaged the house’s gas line, so the family said they plan to stay with relatives and friends shortly.