Z Files: Stealing from the dead, swimming on concrete

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) --

Cost of theft can be pretty steep

If you steal something worth more than $500, that’s a felony. If you have at least two prior shoplifting convictions, the next time you shoplift — no matter the item’s value — that’s a felony.

Those are two facts 36-year-old Margarret Tosoni should know well. But on July 6, the five-time convicted shoplifter walked into a Kum and Go and allegedly stole a $5 bag of cheddar cheese Combos.

She’s going to court Aug. 9 to dispute the charge.

Alex Foster used to work at Royale Oaks Assisted Living facility. Foster was caught on video taking a safe out of a room and hiding it under his cleaning cart. It turns out the victim died three days earlier.

Foster admitted to stealing the safe. He also had no plan — and no idea how to get it open — so he left it in the break room.

Foster was arrested and booked for burglary.

Floor rescue?

Swimming in a pool is a staple of summer. Swimming on your apartment floor is not.

Crystal L. claims the joint she randomly found in her hotel room was laced. According to the report, she smoked it, and police found her swimming on the floor.

Cheers to a drug-free summer, Omaha.