Workout class adapted for people living with Parkinson's

Published: Feb. 28, 2019 at 11:55 AM CST
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It might not look like a high impact workout, but what it does for those taking part means so much more.

"My worst part is tremors with my right side of my body and my gait," Steve Hall said. "Exercise has been a big answer to a lot of it."

Hall was diagnosed with Parkinson's five years ago. With the disease, tremors and issues with balance are common. Symptoms tend to develop slowly and can even be slowed more with specific movements. That is where his son, Nate, comes in.

"I want something that's focused on posture," Nate Hall said. "Something that's actually focusing on things that's going to help them with their problems that they're dealing with."

Nate is a personal trainer in west Omaha. Soon after he noticed his dad's symptoms, he wanted to created a specialized workout plan that better fit his needs. It gave him the idea to help others, too.

"If I could be everyone else's son in Omaha and be their trainer that helps them out, it would be a nice way to help the community learn how to exercise properly with Parkinson's disease," Nate said.

Every other Friday at Style Fitness & Nutrition near 149th & Industrial, he teaches a class that helps participants warm up their joints and muscles. They do balance and walking exercises, along with stretches. That is not all.

"They've noticed it as a bit of an emotional support group, too," Nate said. "It has been more of a natural support group than a forced support group."

"Meeting people with the same problem that I have has really made me feel, a better outlook of it," Steve said. "It's not a deadly disease. You can live with it, as long as you keep working at it."

A sense of togetherness and an appreciation for those who step up to help.

"Having Nathan do what he's doing has made me very proud," Steve said.

It is helping participants at the gym, and also in their daily lives.

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