Woman’s “last wish” marry her fiancé

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OMAHA, Neb (WOWT) Woman’s “last wish” marry her fiancée

Pair of wedding rings, Photo Date: May 20, 2005 / Source: Jeff Belmonte / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

Every little girl looks forward to their wedding day, hoping for a magical experience.

One woman's special day may have been a little different than she ever imagined.

It has the look of a typical wedding...balloons, candles, flowers, a wedding dress and make up for the bride to be.

There’s even a nervous groom.

“Nervous, excited…I'm a little bit of everything right now,” Boenerges Eris Duran said.

But this wedding is a little different.

The bride lies in a hospital bed.

"Melissa has end stage liver disease and renal failure and she's very sick," Nurse Debra Reeg said.

No one knows how much time Melissa Jordan has left but she had a request.
"Her last wish was that she wanted to marry her fiancée," Reeg said.

So the staff at CHI Bergen Mercy Hospital decided to make that happen.

Duran said he met Melissa when the two were at technical school about ten years ago.

Finally about a year ago, he popped the question.

“I asked her do you want to get married when we get out of here, or do you want to get married here? And she pointed here,” Duran said.

So two became one…exchanging vows before both families in a small hospital room decorated in shades of lavender.

Giving themselves to each other for the ages.

“After today, just day by day,” Duran said. “Just day by day, so I'm not going to take nothing for granted. I'm going to have each day is a blessing with her.”

Facing hand in hand whatever the future brings…one day at a time.