Woman travels entire country on horseback to deliver message

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - One woman is traveling thousands of miles around the U.S. on horseback, and shes doing it to deliver a message that hits close to home.

Meredith Cherry is making the journey to deliver a message about domestic violence, something she herself is a survivor of.

"Seeing the whole country at three miler per hour is really an experience unlike any other," said Cherry.

She's making the trip around 48 states solely in the saddle. Cherry decided to embark on the nation adventure with her horse, Apollo, in January of 2017.

Cherry began in Northern California, traveled through the Western mountain ranges, down through the Southwest and is now in Midwest farm country.

"Every day there's something," said Cherry.

The journey is a very personal one.

"I'm a survivor of domestic violence, and when I left that relationship, I felt very isolated," said Cherry.

She and her horse travel 15 miles a day, stopping along the way to talk, and heal, with survivors like her.

"Everybody knows somebody who's been through an abusive relationship," said Cherry.

Scott Shehan, co-founder of The Donkey Rescue, knows this all too well.

"I lost a cousin to domestic violence. She was murdered," said Shehan.

The equestrian from California and donkey rescuer from rural Iowa have united on the shared mission.

"Domestic violence comes in subtle forms sometimes, and we should be talking about it and be aware of that and be looking for that, because maybe the person that needs help isn't even speaking up," said Shehan.

Cherry will ride through Council Bluffs and Omaha next week. From there, she will go to North and South Dakota and then southeast through Minnesota.

Her finish line is Maine, which she said could take another two years.

Cherry's journey can be followed on her website.