Woman says she spent hundreds on botched birthday cake and party

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX/Gray News) - A woman says a cake she ordered did not meet her expectations.

Alexandra Schroeder says the cake she ordered for her daughter's 5th birthday did not meet her expectations. (Source: Alexandra Schroeder via WILX)

Alexandra Schroeder spent over a month planning her daughter's 5th birthday party, but she said it turned out to be a disaster.

Schroeder says she paid Whipped Bakery $370 to rent space for a baking birthday bash and a unicorn cake.

She claims the bakery only provided one table and six chairs for a party of 13.

“I was told by the staff that my guests could stand,” Schroeder said.

She says the cake that was supposed to resemble a unicorn was far from her expectations.

“The horn came out in a shape that was so embarrassing,” she said. “It had finger prints on it and was not gold. I could tell that it had been handled. When I asked to see the cake pre-party, before my guests arrived, I was told it wasn't finished.”

Schroeder says when she shared pictures of the cake on Facebook, staff accused her leaving the placed trashed, with a negative balance.

“They are now slandering me saying that I have a balance owed and I've paid this bakery $370,” she said. “After the party the owner took it upon herself to preemptively block me from being able to leave a Facebook review.”

She said she doesn't want her money back, but she only wants to share her experience with potential customers.

WILX out to Whipped Bakery for a response to Schroeder's claims, but was told "no comment" and that the matter will be handled in litigation.

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