Woman learns she has cancer the same day her daughter learns she's pregnant

Published: Aug. 14, 2016 at 4:28 PM CDT
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Amy Vogt was told she had cancer and only had two months to live. That very same day, her daughter found out she was pregnant.

At first glance, it's easy to see the love Amy has for her 8-week old grandson, Quinn. He’s a baby they call a miracle in more ways than one. But ten months ago, she didn't think she'd ever hold this precious boy.

"He said I give you maybe two months,” Amy said. “It's called Leiomyosarcoma‎. It's a cancer of the soft tissues."

Amy is 54, her mother and father are still living; she says she has always been very active.

“I lived a very healthy lifestyle and had always tried to do healthy things. This just came out of the blue,” Amy told WOWT 6 News.

Her daughter April Gradoville remembers the moment she got the news.

"My sister came to my classroom and at that point I knew it was not good,” she said.

April says her family gathered for hours and cried. April had a doctor's appointment that same day and got surprising news of her own.

“She said ‘I think you're pregnant.’ And I said ‘no, you know my story,’" April said.

She had a difficult road getting pregnant with her other three kids; Quinn was a complete surprise. April had to deal with the thought her mother wouldn't live long enough to meet him.

"She loves her girls and her grandchildren more than anything in the whole world. So it broke my heart thinking that,” April said.

April says she cried to her OB/GYN about her mom's diagnosis. Her OB suggested Amy get a second opinion and recommended for a Sarcoma Specialist at Methodist Hospital.

“Dr. Kiersten Leu is wonderful. She's very up to date on the latest research."

Dr. Leu put Amy on experimental drugs and instead of two months, she has lived 10 months and counting.

“I've had the opportunity to meet my grand baby and to love him and care for him,” she said.

A miracle baby, who ended up being Amy's miracle.

“Realistically, I know I probably won't live very long,” said Amy.

As Amy's treatment options are running out, she is thankful she's had the extra time and extra moments with those she loves the most.

“I knew God would find a way for her to meet him,” said April.