Woman claims clown assaulted her at haunted house

Published: Oct. 7, 2016 at 4:49 PM CDT
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An Omaha woman is still in shock after visiting a haunted house, but it wasn't the Halloween frights that left her shaken. She says she was assaulted by a scary clown at Mystery Manor.

When you go to a haunted house you expect to be frightened, but this woman says her horrifying experience was all too real. "There was a clown dressed in all black in the parking lot who kind of followed us up to the house."

At first, she didn't think much of it until they got inside the haunted house near North 18th and Burt streets. "I could feel his breath on my face and he was running his hands through my hair. I kind of let it slide. He wasn't being aggressive at that point."

Then they reached a room further inside the manor. "He had a bat in his hand and he basically backed me into a corner. There was no way around him."

She thinks her screaming and obvious fear is why the clown singled her out. "I'm scared at this point. I know I'm being pinpointed by him."

Her friends were already in the next room. She says she asked the clown to let her go with them, but he told her no. Then she says he grabbed her by her hair. "Just smashed my head down into the table and I'm shaking, I'm almost in tears."

She managed to reach another room and tried catching up to her group. "He's there again standing right in front of me." Looking for an exit, she's once again backed into a wall. "He did say, get in that cage, go in there, you're not leaving just quite yet."

Fearing what she thinks this will lead to, she managed her way around him and made it outside where her friends were waiting. "I didn't know what to say, I was in shock."

As they walked to their car, she says the clown was still following them and told her, "You're lucky I didn't drag you off by your cute little cowgirl boots." That's when she told him she was going to take his picture and report him. "Right when I said that, he turned around and walked off." But not before she took the photo.

"Another thing I'm thinking about in the back of my mind is how much further would this guy have taken it. Yeah, they are meant to scare you and frighten you, but my experience was just taken a little bit too far."

Within minutes of leaving, she called police and filed a report. Police are still gathering information and investigating the reported assault.

WOWT 6 News contacted the manager of Mystery Manor, who Friday neither confirmed or denied the claim. "We absolutely do not allow our actors to touch patrons at Mystery Manor," he said. "Never is a patron touched or in any real danger at Mystery Manor."

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