Woman caught defecating near Lincoln swimming pool

Published: Sep. 21, 2018 at 9:16 PM CDT
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For nearly five years, a Lincoln swimming pool has occasionally found an unpleasant surprise near its pool area.

Eastridge Swimming Pool said a local woman has been defecating near its pool, and they’ve got the video footage to prove it.

Ryan Rieker, the pool manager, said upgraded security at the pool hasn’t scared the woman off, but they’re hoping it’ll help them end the unpleasant situation.

“When we put these cameras in last year, I started catching things I thought I wouldn’t catch,” Rieker said.

The footage, which can be seen above, shows the woman pooping near the pool area.

“I hope that if she recognizes this video, that she’ll realize that maybe this isn’t the best place to do her business,” said Rieker.

Rieker said he’s filed a police report because of how many times it’s happened over the past five years.

Usually she visits during the day, Rieker said, and during the spring and fall before the pool opens and after it closes.

He also said nobody has recognized her, but hopes shining a light on the situation will show her it’s inappropriate.

Lincoln Police said they’re looking into the situation, as it violates Chapter 9.16.210 of the Lincoln Municipal Code, which prohibits urinating and defecating in public.

If you recognize the woman, you can call police at 402-441-6000.