Woman accused of false imprisonment among storage unit offenses

Mindy Irvin is accused of False Imprisonment among other storage unit offenses.
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FREMONT COUNTY, Iowa -- Authorities say Mindy Irvin,31, of Shenandoah, Iowa, is in custody for, among other things, allegedly locking a man in a storage unit against his will for several hours.

She was taken into custody as the Fremont County Sheriff's Office investigated a series of storage unit complaints.

In October, deputies took a report about someone who had allegedly illegally entered a storage unit, placed items inside of it and damaged two other storage units while on the property.

The owner of the property said Irvin did not have a rental agreement and had stored property there for at least two months.

In the course of investigating the complaint, deputies said they discovered she had also locked a man in an adjacent storage unit for approximately four hours.

Irvin is currently being held at the Fremont County Jail for False Imprisonment; Third Degree Burglary and Theft - 5th Degree.

Investigators say more charges are pending.