Why Hillary's campaign isn't overlooking Nebraska

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WASHINGTON (WOWT) - It's uncharted territory for a Democrat. Hillary Clinton made a stop at Omaha North High School last Monday, campaigning in a historically "red state." TV ads are airing as well. Why is Nebraska in play this presidential election year?

Many in the political world are asking what was she doing in Nebraska this week? It's an unlikely location for a Democrat, but in the heavily conservative state the Clinton campaign is fighting for every vote. "While Clinton has no chance to win Nebraska statewide, she does have a chance to win the Omaha-based 2nd Congressional District," says Kyle Kondik with the University of Virginia Center for Politics.

That's because Nebraska is one of two states that splits its electoral votes by congressional district. It's the reason Kondik says Nebraskans are likely to be bombarded with political ads in the next few months. "It is efficient in that she is competing for the single electoral vote in Nebraska, too, but then that also bleeds over into Iowa, so if she advertises in Omaha she hits Iowa, too, so that makes some sense."

President Obama picked up one electoral vote in 2008 and now Clinton hopes to follow suit. "Three months before November 8th, it makes sense and it got a lot of play," says political analyst Mark Plotkin, who adds Clinton's decision to campaign in Nebraska revolves entirely around billionaire Warren Buffett's endorsement. "Warren Buffett is really a beloved, unknockable figure and his endorsement is worth a stop, plus one electoral vote."

Republican Donald Trump has released his first television ad of the general election, but no word if it will air in Nebraska.